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Humans are the song of the earth

Humans are the song of the earth
Happiness is the port, sail, and destination
Do not fall back in front of cold walls to a time of fire and forgetting
Recall the journey from the time of your birth
You know me and I know you.
Loving you while searching for your center as birds search for light and worms

In my colors I love you and this love transports me to eternal love
I cross the streets, the towns, the countries to see your faces
And to blend with you in a dream as we pass beneath the street lights
The smiles of children and the suffering of the world are in my songs
Greetings when I draw you…and when you draw me
Greetings when we draw the green rain.

originally written in Arabic by Suheil Baddor

My hands are full of laughter

Nothing touches my lips but my hands are full of laughter
Tiredness leaks from my arms as after a long journey
In my loneliness I miss my bed with its dreams and its promise of tomorrow
The girl who inhabited my dreams is making status her happiness and sun
She is carrying luggage.

We draw spaces that lead to the heart
So come to change our addresses
We plant songs and love in new cities amid poor people
We paint north south east west with the same pure love
And leave messages on the trees
Whose leaves fall without addresses
Waiting for you
Waiting for you
Longing to escape to mornings with eternal newness.

originally written in Arabic by Suheil Baddor