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Painter, Sculptor, Poet


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Suheil Baddor
P.O. Box 16710
, U.A.E.
+971 50 767 3441



A master of art and Arabic literature in the Syrian tradition, Suheil Baddor has created over five thousand works of art during his thirty-five year professional career.  His art has been featured in over thirty-five solo exhibitions and at least twice as many group exhibitions, including four times in the Sharjah Biennial and every year since 1985 in the annual Syrian professional artist exhibition.

His creations include characterizations on stage and screen, and original Arabic poems and short stories, but he is best known for his sculptures and fine art paintings in acrylic, oil and watercolor. His sculptures in wood, bronze, granite and marble have been recognized as major contributions to the field of sculpture.  Suheil has been the subject of and has contributed to numerous art and culture commentaries in the Arabic press.


Born in Latakia, Syria in 1957
Attended Damascus University
After a year studying philosophy, Suheil studied art for three more years with such masters as Saaid Makhlof, Fatah Al Moudares, Mamoud Hamad and Naseer Shurah.
Actor and singer 1977-86: Participated in several productions on stage, screen and TV.
Baddor Sculpture Atelier – Latkia

  • Taught students
  • created hundreds of wood sculptures, one over two meters tall
  • contributed art to numerous charitable causes
  • Volunteered at government centers for handicapped children in Latkia and Damascus

Solo Exhibitions

  • Including Dir Attyah Museum, Arab Cultural Centre, Al Sweida, Goethe Institute, Imar Gallery,  Ushtar Gallery, Russian Cultural Foundation and Damascus Gallery.

Traveller for Peace

Bicycle journey from Damascus to Paris

  • Endorsed by Greenpeace
  • Conducted art exhibitions and workshops in towns throughout Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and France

Poet and Art Critic

Another Form of Melancholy

  • Arabic poetry book published in 1986

Joys of a Burning Heart

  • Arabic poetry and short stories book published in 1989.

Mirror of Ashes

  • Arabic poetry book published 2003.

Art and Culture Critic for Newspapers & Magazines including

  • Teshreen, Al Hadaf, Al Thaora

Professional Artist
Full-time in U.A.E.
1991 - present

Received support from

  • Abu Dhabi Culture Foundation 1991 – 1995
  • Sharjah museum visual art experience  seven years
  • Sheikh Sultan of Sharjah 1995-2002

Maintained personal gallery 

  • Sharjah 1995-2002
  • Green Community Gallery 2002-2006
  • Mercato Mall Art Village 2006-7
  • Provided many artworks to humanitarian organizations.

Solo Exhibitions

  • Dubai including Al Ahli Club, Mercato Mall, Ibis Hotel, American University,
  • Abu Dhabi including Cultural Complex, Culture Foundation, and Tourist Club
  • Sharjah including Beit el Fanan
  • Cairo, Egypt and Australia

International Presence

  • Artworks now in Austria, Turkey Greece, Italy, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Australia and Egypt in addition to Syria and U.A.E.
  • In permanent collection of the Sharjah Museum and the Ministry of Culture in Syria.