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Press Reviews translated from Arabic

Suheil Baddor may be unseen in his own country, but he’s known in other parts of the world. I was amazed to see him inside his workshop surrounded by fire and electricity, and then I was even more amazed to watch his craziness outside. He is a complicated character: started life shining shoes, then became a singer in cheap pubs until he became a known sculptor and a real fine artist.
Adel Hadeedy / Author, Journalist / Tishreen Newspaper
September 08th 2003

In his works you find surprise; …. colors that give you the sense of creation…with unlimited imagination. His works deal with the deep feelings of a human being..... 
Fadia Dalla/poet, journalist / Al Ittihad Newspaper / Sep. 10th 2004

The works of Suheil Baddor give the viewer a feeling of freedom from pressure.  They seem to flow so easily from that valuable background which is the heritage of an old civilization. He offers  ancient values with modern technique. 
Adeeb Makhzoum/critic/Al Thawra Newspaper
November 09th 2003

Suheil is the sculptor of the dream. …. He wants to speak for us… to say what we are ashamed of.
PhD. Yousif Eidaby/critic, researcher
Cultural Department  Sharjah 

Suheil brings us closer to other people and creatures to feel the soul inside them, to catch and hope. He puts us face to face with the difficult questions… deep inside our memories.
Ahmad Farhat/Al Khalij Newspaper
December 04th 2000

The Syrian artist, Suheil Baddor, deserves to be highlighted and studied, for his ability to go beyond the norm. He gives you more than one tone with one harmony, many interpretations.  He has confidence; he knows exactly where he is going.
Omran Qaisi/critic, researcher, artist/Aug. 30th 2004.

Everything he does attracts you, even his madness. So you can not leave before catching some of his soul. He deals with life as a play on a stage, with a extraordinary ability; he has done something important for Syrian sculpture.
Mamdouh Adwan/Author

Suheil understands that art and nature are not the same. He offers through art what nature lacks in order to create the beauty of this earth, not through the rules; as if he is trying to recreate nature through his heart and color to reach the point of the real love of life which is mixed with the old civilization.
Firas Sawwah
Author, researcher